The Happy Pill Case - A Symbol Of Confidence

The Happy Pill Case - A Symbol Of Confidence

It's been over 10 years since I was first prescribed anti-depressants.  I barely even knew what they were, how they worked, or what about them it was that would help me.  The only time I had heard the term was in association with someone who had experienced serious trauma as an aid to help them get back on their feet.  Little did I know, what I now refer to as my Happy Pills, would save my life every single day.

But taking them didn't come with consequences.  The consequence of judgement, the stigma surrounding mental health.  For a good amount of time, I was humiliated that I needed to rely on anything to make me simply feel like myself.  I felt safer keeping it from people, even those closest to me.  Eventually I realized that my Happy Pills would be hanging around for the long haul which is when I decided it was time to change the narrative for myself.  The stigma around mental health can't be broken when one gives into it, right?

Carrying any medicine around in a tissue crumpled in your pocket or purse just isn't cute.  Not to mention, the chances of losing the contents are much higher in that instance.  I had been carrying my daily anti-depressants and vitamins around in (if we are being honest) a pretty ugly plastic case.  I'd pack the supplements needed for the day and throw it into my bag.

Here's the thing - why does a pill case need to be so under wraps?  Carry your Happy Pills, whatever they may be, with pride and let your confidence soar with The Happy Pill Case.  



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